Putting left over scraps to good use

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Crazy Chooks

The latest creation that I have made from sock scraps and odds and ends are Crazy Chooks .  These colourful creatures are a fun alternative to Easter Eggs.  I never throw any scraps away and have many bags of all sorts of odds and ends. Felt is marvellous to work with because it does not fray, brightly coloured sock scraps make funky legs and arms. I design all my own patterns and try to make fun and quirky creatures.
Although other additions have crept into the Monkeygang Collections sockmonkeys are still the most popular sellers. These can be made with scraps as well,  making each one a One off design.
If you would like a custom Scrappy for a special occasion please email me or contact me on Facebook to discuss your requirements